HuskyMail and Calendar


Transitioning to, a more professional email account for Northeastern students and alumni with HuskyMail accounts

What to Expect

At the request of students, who require a more professional and recognizable alternative to their email address, the university will transition all HuskyMail email accounts to by the beginning of fall 2020.

To make this transition possible, HuskyMail email accounts will migrate to Microsoft Office 365, the same digital environment in which Northeastern faculty and staff communicate.

The Google tools that you know and love—including Google Docs and Drive—aren’t going anywhere. Google Suite services at Northeastern, with the exception of mail, calendar, and contacts, will remain.

What You’ll Get

A more professional and recognizable email address for communication

Continued use of Google suite for file storage and collaboration

For students, a business-class communication platform that prepares you for co-op and post-grad work

More seamless collaboration with the rest of the Northeastern community


Fall 2019:

  • Planning for transition

Spring 2020:

  • O365 mailboxes created for all students (January)
  • Both and addresses used
  • Migration of Google mail, calendar, and contact data begins
  • O365 training, resources, and migration support available

Summer 2020:

  • Migration of Google mail, calendar, and contact data continues
  • O365 mailboxes available to alumni email account holders (June)
  • O365 training, resources, and migration support available
  • Google mailboxes retired (July 1)
  • University systems updated to reflect new email addresses (late summer)


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the university making this change?

Northeastern students requested email addresses for sending and receiving email because it is a more professional and recognizable email domain to the existing addresses. This change requires a transition away from the Google mail and calendar environment and to Office 365 mail and calendar.

When is this change happening?

This change will happen over several phases, beginning in January 2020. First, all HuskyMail account holders will receive a account in Office 365 in addition to their Google mail account. Then, on July 1, 2020, Google mail and calendar accounts will be retired and the associated data must be migrated out of Google to avoid losing it, and all Northeastern community members with university email will be using their account as their primary university email.

Once the mail and calendar transition is complete, university systems, including the learning management system and Registrar data, will be systematically and automatically updated to reflect the new email addresses.

What format will new Microsoft Office 365 email addresses follow?

Email addresses will be [myNortheastern username] This address is also how many community members already log in to all Office 365 services.

How can one access their new mailbox? mailboxes can be accessed through the Microsoft Outlook client, online portal, or mobile app. Sign in with O365 login credentials: [myNortheastern username] and myNortheastern password.

Most modern email clients are also compatible with Northeastern email accounts. See the article about what desktop email clients are supported by Northeastern.

What will happen to each individual's Google mail, calendar, and contact data?

HuskyMail, calendar, and contact data will be available in Google, up until the mail and calendar services are retired, scheduled for July 1, 2020. Once the university retires HuskyMail accounts, students and alumni will no longer be able to access the associated data unless it was previously exported and backed up. For this reason, the university is providing resources and support to students for safely and securely copying their Google mail, calendar, and contact data to their O365 email accounts. Students may opt out of the migration services provided by the university and may choose to back up their own data using Google Takeout.

Following migration, will Google Suite services still be accessible?

Yes. All other Google Suite services, including Docs and Drive, will continue to be available. Until further notice, addresses should continue to be used for G Suite collaboration.

What is happening to

After the transition to in O365, students and alumni will still be able to use the email address to receive messages. Incoming emails to will be forwarded to O365 mailboxes. All replies and other outgoing mail will come from

What migration support is the university providing?

To ease this transition, the university has engaged with a third-party partner to offer a one-time migration of all Google mail, calendar, and contact data associated with Northeastern accounts to Office 365, and support during this data migration. These migrations will occur in batches during spring 2020.

Alumni and Students who choose to can opt out of the data migration service, and must make their own arrangements to back up their data prior to Northeastern’s retirement of the Google HuskyMail service. Google Takeout is available for exporting data from Northeastern Google accounts.

What data will be imported to in Office 365?

The university’s data migration solution includes Google mail, calendar, and contact data. Other G Suite data, including Docs and Drive, are not part of the data migration.

As part of the data migration, there are a few things to note about what mail, calendar, and contact data will NOT copy to O365 as part of a successful data migration:

  • Email signatures
  • Recurring events and meetings, only the first instance will copy to O365
  • More than the first three email addresses per contact
  • Attachments over 35 MB
  • Rules
  • Delegates
  • Tasks
  • Contact tags

What will happen during the migration?

You can expect to see your Google data begin to appear in your account in O365 while the syncing is in progress. During this time, you should continue to use as your primary address.  

Will any data be deleted from Google accounts?

Google mail, calendar, and contact data will be copied to the new O365 email account, not deleted. Copied data will still be available in Google HuskyMail accounts up until June 24, 2020, at which point the mail accounts are retired.

What email address should students and alumni use?

After receiving the notification that the data migration from Google to O365 is complete, students and alumni should begin to use their O365 accounts for communication. Copies of all incoming mail sent to will be forwarded to the O365 mailbox.

To access services and sites that require students’ email addresses, such as G Suite services, students should continue to use email addresses.

What will happen to after the migration?

Incoming emails addressed to accounts will be forwarded to the new O365 accounts after the transition and for the life of a Northeastern email account. A copy of mail addressed to will also be available in Google mailboxes until HuskyMail is eventually retired. email will continue to be forwarded to O365 even after support for HuskyMail ends.

Where will Google calendar and contact data go after the migration?

Calendar and contact data will not continue to be synced between Google and O365 after the import is complete. accounts in O365 will reflect only the changes made to calendar and contacts in O365. It will not reflect any changes or new data in the Google account after the migration. It’s recommended that any changes to calendar and contacts after the migration be made in O365 to prevent any data loss when the Google HuskyMail service is retired.

What will happen to Google labels?

Default and custom Google labels will be migrated to O365 as folders and will retain the same hierarchical structure (ie: labels nested under another label will become sub folders). Items with more than one label in Google will be copied and appear in each O365 folder.

What happens to any forwards from HuskyMail accounts to other email addresses?

Forwards from accounts to other addresses, such as personal or professional email accounts, will be preserved in the transition.

When will Northeastern’s Google HuskyMail service go away?

The university will retire the HuskyMail service on July 1, 2020. When it is retired, students and alumni will no longer have access to Google mail and calendar services supported by Northeastern.